How Do Massage Chairs Mechanism Work?

How Do Massage Chairs Mechanism Work?

At the end of a hectic day, we all prefer to take some rest. We work all day and get tired. Many of us also experience back pain and shoulder pain. Similarly, some of you may experience pain in the ankle, knees, neck, and feet. A comfortable solution for you can be a massage chair.

The idea of the massages chair is not new. It was first invented in the 1950s by ‘Nobuo Fujimoto’. He made the chair by using waste material. Over the year, the manufacturers used advanced technologies for producing the most effective massage chair.

The Massage chair is an expensive product. It can be the best option for you if you have disposable income to spend. It has been in the market for decades now. It is relatively more popular in Japan.

The massage chairs are a great alternative to traditional massage spas. You can get your massage done at your home. Also, you can get a full body massage from the comfort of your home.

Different types of massage chairs use different technologies. Some of them use the Vibration technique while others use rollers and Airbags. The more complex massage chairs use the combination of all techniques to create much better massage chairs. Some of the massage chairs may provide heat, which helps in relieving the pain.

Before buying the massage chair may want to know about the mechanism of the massages chair. How do massage chairs work? How does it help you relieve pain?

Let look deep into the mechanism, features, and technologies used in massage chairs.

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Airbag Massage Chair

The airbag massage is also called Air massage. In this massaging technique, massage is done by the inflation and deflation of the airbags. The airbags are accessible to the parts of the body where the rollers are unable to reach.

Vibrating Massage Chair

The vibrating massage chair uses gears and weighted wheels which spin and create the sensation of vibration. The to and fro motion reduces the hypertonicity of muscles and helps blood vessels to open and allows blood circulation which relieves pain.

Massage Chair Rollers

Massage chair uses rollers to perform massage. These rollers have different tracks and move in defined directions. Depending on the type of chair, some rollers only move back and forth while some of them move in a circular motion.

2D Roller Movement

In 2D massage chairs, the rollers move up and down, and from one side to another. 2D massage chair only allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of the rollers.

3D Roller Movement

In 3D massage chairs, the rollers move up and down, in and out, and from one side to another. It has additional features and offers manual massage mode.

4D roller Movement

4D rollers allow the highest possible level of customization. It provides the most personal realistic massage feeling. The rollers move up and down, in and out, and from one side to another. You can control the speed of rollers too.

The Complex Massage Chairs

The complex massage chairs use a combination of Roller, vibration, and Airbag massage. The manufacturer has used the latest technologies to produce massage chairs that can give massage through all three techniques. Also, you can set this chair in multiple positions according to your preference.

The Massage Chair Roller Track

S-track Massage Chair

The S-track is designed to follow the natural curve of the person’s spine. Its massage track mimics the curvature of the human spine to provide a more uniform massage. It massages from the back of the neck down to your lower back.

L- track Massage Chair

The L- track massage track is shaped like an L. It massages from your neck down to your lower back. It provides more support to your lumbar and neck area. The backside of the massage chair is much longer than the S-track massage chair. The length of the back of the L-track ranger is from 50- 51 inches.


The supertrac massage technology combines the best of S-track and L-track. When the chair is active in the S-track position, the chair performs massage from the neck to the lower back. You can turn a supertrac massage chair into a bed too. Also, It massages a much larger portion of your body.

The Massaging Techniques

Various massaging techniques are being used in the manufacturing of massage chairs.


In massage chairs that use the shiatsu massage technique is equipped with rollers in it. The rollers move from neck to lower back and then hips.


The kneading technique is usually used to relax the muscles of the neck and shoulder. The roller moves in a circular motion and relaxes the stiff muscles.


In this technique, the rollers moves in the trapping stocks. It usually helps to relax the muscles of the lower back.


Massage chairs have been on a market for decades. Now, it’s gaining popularity. In Japan, Massaging quality becoming common. The massage chairs allow you to take massage in your own space. After a long hectic day, you can relax on the massage chair. Massage chair has various benefits. It relieves pain, reduces anxiety, and promotes blood circulation.

There are many types of massage chairs available in the market, you can choose one according to your choice. Also, the features in the massage chair vary. Some of them use roller technology and some uses vibration. There are highly advanced massage chairs available in the market. They use a combination of various massage technologies, such as Airbag, vibrating, and roller. In the more advanced chairs, you can also adjust the intensity of the rollers.


Yes, the massage chair works best in relieving the pain. It promotes the circulation of the blood. Also, it will help you to release stress. It relaxes you stiff muscles too.

If you are ready to invest a few thousand dollars in a massage chair and buy a high-quality chair, it will last for years. Also, keep it maintained and in a safe place and do not overuse it.

It is recommended to use the massage chair three to four times a week. If you continue to use the massage chair daily, it may give you some adverse effect.

If your massage chair is not working properly, you need to look for technicians. Contact the original manufacturer or retailer to get the massage chair repaired.

A massage chair is considered to be a luxurious item. It can cost you a few thousand dollars and its repairing cost can also be high. It can be difficult to find a professional for the repair of massage chair.

As compared to other home appliances, the massage chair uses lesser electricity. It uses up to 200 watts of electricity.

A massage chair requires a much larger space than a regular chair. Make sure you have enough space at your home.

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