How Much Does A Massage Chair Cost? – Know the Factors that affect the price tag

How Much Does A Massage Chair Cost?

After a long stressful day, nothing beats a good massage. While it’s easy to go to a professional masseuse, what if you could get one in the comfort of your own home?

Massage chairs offer an alternative way to relax and relieve stress after a long day or week. Although prices range depending on styles, brands, features etc., most full body massage chairs cost a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars.

This guide details information about different types of massage chairs, their costs and what to look for when you purchase one. If you’re thinking about buying a massage chair, read on before making your decision.

What Is A Massage Chair?

A massage chair is also known as an electric massage recliner chair, zero gravity massage recliner chair, full-body massage chair, and a whirlpool massage recliner. The chairs can be found in homes and businesses and tend to cost around $500-$4000.

Many people prefer these chairs over massages offered by physical therapists or masseuses because they are cost effective and convenient.


Price of massage chair also depends on various factors like the feature of massage chair, Rollers, airbags, shipping cost, chair brand, zero gravity features .The more features on the massage chair, the more expensive it is.    

Factors that affect costs of massage chairs are:

Type of Rollers

Massage chair cost also depends on the type of rollers it has . Some rollers help target specific parts of your body like the back, neck, etc. Several rollers also create a rhythm for deep kneading or tapping.


Some massage chairs have heating features to help relax your muscles.

Remote controls

Some massage chairs also come with remote controls that you can use to control the intensity and speed of your massage or other settings . Some brands charge extra for this feature, while others include it for free.

Zero gravity positions

Zero Gravity position means that the chair reclines to an angle that reduces stress on your spine. You can adjust the backrest to achieve this position.

Zero Gravity positions can help relieve tension from your lower back, hips, and upper body. This adds to the price of the massage chair.

Built-in speakers

Some chairs come with built-in speakers that make it easier for you to listen to music while you are getting a massage . It also adds costs to the chair itself.

Body scan

There are massage chairs that come with a built-in body scanner. This helps you to program the chair to target specific areas of your body using heat and airbags .

Built-in rollers and airbags

Massage chairs that come with built-in rollers and airbags are pricier than those that don’t. This adds to the price of a massage chair.

Different body types and shapes

Massage chairs made for different body types and shapes also add to the cost, since they may have more features for treating specific areas of your body.

Height adjustment

Another factor that affects the price of massage chairs is if it can be adjusted to different heights.

Number of motors, speed, and intensity

Some models use up to 18 airbags with 36 motors in total. The more motors there are on a chair, the pricier it is. Also, chairs with more speed and intensity settings are usually more expensive than those that only have one speed setting.


Some brands of massage chairs charge higher prices for their products , while others offer them at cheaper rates. It is best to compare brands before buying massage chair so you can find an affordable deal for a good product.

Some may even come with free shipping and other added benefits to help you save money.


Brands that offer good warranties are also worth the money. The more expensive chairs usually have longer warranties because they are made with high-quality parts. If you get a chair that comes with a low warranty, it may end up breaking down very soon, which will cost you even more in repair fees.

How Much Do Massage Chairs Cost?

Massage chairs typically range in prices from $500-$3,000. The more expensive models tend to have more features and options for customization.

Massage Chairs From $700 To $1000

If you are looking for a massage chair that has basic features at a low price, then go for massage chair that cost from 700 to 1000. Most brands have models under $1000 which can help relieve your back pain and other body issues resulting from stress or poor posture.

Massage Chairs From $1000 To $1500

At this point, the features of massage chairs rise steeply in price. You will have a wider range of customizable options like heating, remote controls, etc.

This is the price range for massage chairs that have more features and customizable options. It’s also the category where you can find most of the budget-friendly massage chair.

Look out for models which offer heating and skilled kneading motions to ease your muscle tension or stress.

Massage Chairs From $2000 To $3000

This price range is for massage chairs that have a wider range of features and options. Most brands usually upgrade their standard models at this point to provide more variety before going into the top-level luxury chairs.

Massage Chairs From $3000 To $5000

This is the territory of luxury massage chairs with enough features to rival a trip to your local spa. It’s also the highest price range in our guide, starting at $3000 and going up to $5000 or even more for some models.

Choosing A Massage Chair

The choice of a massage chair is dependent on several factors. If you are looking for a massage chair that will provide comfort and ease your muscle tension or stress, then you would be best served by choosing one that has the ability to increase its intensity. Having various pre-programmed settings can also help relieve muscles more effectively.


Keep in mind that the features of massage chairs increase in price with each additional feature or setting. Massage chairs can be used to treat different parts of your body, too, like lower back pain and stiffness; upper back pain; neck pain; etc. So make sure check its features


Before buying a massage chair, set yourself a budget. Many models made by major brands range between $700 to $4000. If you are buying for your personal use, then a budget of $1500 or less would be appropriate.


Also, consider the chair’s durability, especially if you are buying online. Keep in mind that some brands have limited warranty periods while others offer 6 months to 1 year maximum on their massage chairs. Check with the company to find out which massage chairs have the highest durability.

Check Reviews

If you are buying online, consider reading reviews from people who have tried using different brands of massage chairs to help you choose a good product. If possible, try the chair yourself at the store before buying. This can help give you an idea of how each chair feels and what kind of experience it can offer.


So now you come to know how much does a massage chair cost, which should help you in understanding how to buy the right massage chair for your needs.

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